Warzone 2100 developer version

For those wanting to download a precompiled version of the latest Warzone version from the developer tree (the main trunk) it is revision 537. I've got two versions prepared in an installer package for download, a debug version and a non-debug version. Just be aware that this is not an official release by the "Warzone Resurrection Project" so don't complain to them if these don't work (although plain bug reports probably are appreciated).

Warzone 2100

Warzone 2100, it's one of the best RTS games I've ever seen.
It recently (2004, so maybe not so recent) has gone open source through means of the GNU General Public License (version 2 of it). Warzone is now being maintained by the Warzone2100 Resurrection Project.

MPF-1 Schematics

This file contains the basic schematic diagrams for the MPF-1.

The Microprofessor's (MPF-1) primary source code

This sourcefile contains the assembly sourcelisting from Multitech's Microprofessor I. This sourcefile describes the first 800 bytes(/instructions) of the monitor program which occurs in this form in all distributions.

This file can succesfully be assembled by TASM.

Caesar's Civil War

This document, i.e. Caesar's Civil War, is in the public domain.

Copyright has passed. Although copyright didn't exist at the time Caesar lived, so in fact there never has been any copyright on this document. One could argue however that because it is a translation the translation could have been copyrighted. This translation is that old that copyright would have passed from that as well anyway.

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